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This year, in the first national honeycomb paperboard development strategy seminar, the production technology and application prospects of honeycomb paperboard were introduced in detail. It was warmly welcomed and highly praised by the delegates. And in the Haier University technical personnel to each department of the Haier Group in-depth introduction of honeycomb paperboard production technology, process characteristics and application prospect, with an annual output of 10 million square meters of honeycomb paperboard production capacity, and also began to provide honeycomb packaging materials for household appliances products supporting to Haier group. The early development of the Haier group, the main commercial cabinet of honeycomb paperboard packaging materials, to replace the original use of the EPS foam liner and wooden board materials, after repeated design, test, test and actual transport test, finally, Haier group confirmed using two chip U type air conditioner, will cultivate completely wrapped in the honeycomb cardboard within the form the protective pad, the traditional coat of corrugated packaging. This program by the quality monitoring center of Haier group testing, packaging requirements of vibration test and drop test can reach the air condition, EPS can be replaced with the original wooden packaging scheme. In this year's peak, the daily use of up to more than 5000 sets, more than more than 20 thousand square meters of honeycomb paper
And it has the following advantages: 1. improve the protection performance. Due to the full package, plus the excellent compressive and bending properties of honeycomb paperboard, each part of the air conditioner has been well protected, reducing the breakage rate and repair rate of the goods.
2. saves storage space and reduces transportation costs. The honeycomb cardboard packaging, honeycomb paperboard packaging before the thickness is thin, the actual air conditioning package shape size, save storage and transportation space, and air conditioning, stacking from the four layer to the six layer, effectively reducing the cost of storage and transportation.
3. reduce the cost of packaging. The cost of honeycomb paperboard has been reduced due to the large-scale procurement features of Haier and the adoption of large-scale honeycomb paperboard production technology. Compared with the original packaging solution, the honeycomb cardboard packaging scheme, the packaging cost of each air-conditioning cabinet reduced 15-20 yuan. In the packaging field, the honeycomb paperboard is a kind of full paper packaging board made of honeycomb paper core and upper and lower paper. It is a typical honeycomb sandwich structure material. Due to high strength, material saving, etc. to meet the requirements of environmental protection is becoming a kind of new green packaging materials to save resources and protect the ecological environment, low cost, and has a light, strong, firm and steady four advantages, embodies a new packaging concept.
In our country, the relevant departments have noticed this new packaging material. Its popularization and application will play a positive role in reducing the breakage rate of goods and improving the quality of packaging products in china. Honeycomb paperboard, as a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, has a good prospect of development and application.
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