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Jiaxing Hengnuo honeycomb products Co. Ltd.
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1 building curtain wall external wall hanging board
2 interior decoration engineering
3 billboard
4 shipboard architecture
5 aviation manufacturing industry
6 indoor partition and commodity display platform
7 commercial vehicle and container car body
8 buses, trains, subways and rail vehicles
9 very strict environmental requirements of the modern furniture industry, aluminum honeycomb board to do the processing of furniture materials, is a good material for the new century, the green quality is completely non-toxic, so that the furniture business in the processing of furniture, less unnecessary environmental protection program; in addition, aluminum honeycomb panel can be diversified such as wood, aluminum, gypsum board, Dali natural stone, can be made into honeycomb panel, convenient material selection.
10 aluminum honeycomb board partition: the appearance of aluminum honeycomb board partition broke the traditional partition mode, with its noble, fresh, stylish style, won the middle and high-grade office space market share.
Superior performance:
First, fire protection: aluminum plate is non combustible material.
Two, corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb panel is surface treated by epoxy fluorocarbon, has strong corrosion resistance. Salt spray for 48 hours without pinholes, cracks, non foaming.
Three, environmental protection: honeycomb board belongs to pure aluminum products, non-volatile any harmful to the human body gas, no radioactivity, and can be fully recycled, 100 percent of environmentally friendly products.
Four. Aluminum honeycomb panel is easy to be dismantled and assembled, and it can not be broken. Because of its light weight and convenient transportation, it can be transported to different places and reused many times. This is another partition board can not be compared.
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