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Honeycomb paperboard
1, protect the environment, low cost.
All material packaging products and production of corrugated cardboard sandwich is corrugated paper and paperboard, is conducive to ecological balance and environmental protection; at the same time, reinforced sandwich corrugated board corrugated board and its products have Recyclable regeneration, light weight, printing, folding, good cushioning performance and low cost.
2, reasonable structure, ultra high strength.
Reasonable structure of the reinforced sandwich corrugated board with high strength, tested, board a total thickness of 3.2cm (thickness adjustable), density of 38-40 /m corrugated corrugated sandwich, the surface layer of the five layer (quantitative 780g/m2) corrugated board (C B, Li Leng Leng) layer of three layers (quantitative 470g/m2 (C) corrugated board corrugated), interlayer into three layers (quantitative 680g/m2) corrugated board (B type) total paper quantitative 1900-2000g/m2. Compared with ordinary five ply corrugated paperboard, a number of physical indicators exceed several times or even ten times more than ordinary corrugated cardboard. Compared with the same quantitative honeycomb paperboard, the comprehensive index of reinforced sandwich corrugated board is better.
3, the advantages of corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard
Green packaging has become the development trend of today's product packaging. Corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard is made of leftover materials and 100% recycled paper as raw materials, and can be recycled several times so that recyclable environmental products can be recycled. The production process does not produce industrial wastes, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.
This product is made of paper instead of wood, which is in line with the relevant policies of the state for improving packaging. That is, it can save a lot of wood for the country, and follow the environmental laws and regulations all over the world, at the same time reduce the barriers to customs clearance.
Performance superiority:
1. light quality, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation;
2. large strength, good rigidity, the pressure per square meter to 12-13 times, the maximum can reach 50 tons, far exceeding the national standard of 1 tons per square meter pressure;
3. cushioning performance is better than wooden products;
4., if necessary, can also be moistureproof, mildew proof;
5. export free inspection.
Comprehensive performance reliable
1. is conducive to environmental protection, protection of human health; protection of green, insured soil;
2. can be recycled, renewable, biodegradable, no two pollution;
3. no pests and diseases;
4. easy to handle and operate, improve transport efficiency, increase labor intensity;
5. is not easy to damage, can reduce costs;
6. low price than wood, beautiful appearance and strong market competitiveness
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